SSA Castings have comprehensive Quality Assurance Policy and excellent Quality Assurance Team to make sure all our outputs perform to our customer needs. We have complete in-house Lab facility as below,


Optical Spectrometer with 21 elements including Nitrogen


40 Ton Universal Testing Machine with extensometer Calibrated by TUV nord and IBR


300 Joules Impact machine Calibrated by TUV nord and IBR


3000 kg BHN hardness machine

IGC test

In house IGC testing facilities available for Practice B and E

Magnetic particle test

1000 amps MPI machine prod method 1 no (wet, dry and fluorescent method)

Ultrasonic test

Digital 2.4 MHz DG scan DS 322

Dye Penetrant test

In house facility for DP test

Radiographic test

Ir 192 and Co 60 Radiographic outsourced at approved service providers

RT Evaluation

RT film viewer with dark room. RT film will be evaluated by qualified Level II personals from ASNT.


Surface table

1200 mm X 1200 mm Surface table 1 no

Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Available for wall thickness measurement

Measuring Instruments

Vernier calliper, Vernier height gauge, inside & outside callipers, pistol calliper.


Visual Inspection will be done as per MSS SP 55


"S.S.A CASTINGS INDIA PVT LTD" is committed to satisfy its customers, by supplying products that exceed customer's expectations.

This is achieved through Continual Improvement of Systems, Practices and Team work.


ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management system by TUV NORD, Germany

AD-MERKBLATT W0 for Product by TUV NORD, Germany

PED 97/23/EC Approved for product by TUV NORD, Germany

IBR Approved for Pressure Parts

Norsok M-630 - SAND CASTING